About Me

My name is Sunshine O'Connor, and I am a survivor.  My survival began before I was old enough to have memories, so it was always something I thought was part of the world.  Surviving child sexual abuse without the tools to heal led me down a dark path that included child exploitation, sexual assault, and surviving abduction and torture.

Something happened to me on the last day I was victimized for the last time.  A fire burned inside of me brighter than the sun, and the old life I knew as a victim fell away.

Since then I have become an advocate of survivors and a scholar of abuse.  It has led me to working with organizations like Damsel in Defense where I teach women to stay safe and sassy as well as help victims be reborn as survivors.  I authored the SAFE (Spreading Awareness for Family Empowerment) Hearts children's books that is carried in the Damsel line to help empower an entire generation to be ready for change.

I am on the speaker's bureau for RAIIN (Rape and Incest National Network), OAASIS (Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service), and several more.

If you believe in the fight, let's connect.  You never know what magic will happen.  Sunshine@YourDamselDiva.com

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