Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Team Time-Getting ready to build your team in 2017

One of the biggest struggles people in direct sales face is team building.  One of the biggest road blocks in building your team is perception.  It's not only the perception that a direct sales company is a "real" job, but it's your own perception that you aren't qualified to lead because you don't yet believe in your business.
In order to effectively recruit, you have to shift that perception.  

In this photo, I am surrounded by incredibly successful women.
I had this realization a while back when I decided to join a networking group.  I got dressed in my business best and slunk into the back corner of the meeting because I did't feel like I deserved to be there.  These were women who had created products that were in every store from Walmart to Costco, women who owned realty groups, successful coffee chains, salons, and marketing firms.  I didn't feel like I fit in because I was just a mom trying to grow a Damsel in Defense business.

I am the owner of a direct sales business with more than
30 hard working girls who are constantly growing, and they
believe in me.
When I was evaluating why my business was at a stand still, it was painfully obvious.  I didn't believe I was an expert in my field.  I believed that everyone looked down on my business and saw me as another mlm scam.  

Well guess what?  I am the owner of a direct sales business, which is not the same as an mlm.  I have a team of more than 30 hard working girls who are constantly growing, and they believe in me.  The moment I realized my value, I started projecting myself as a successful business owner, and things began to change.  People began to shift their perception of what I did, but it first took me shifting mine.  Now, I can waltz into a networking meeting and know that I have just as much worth as the women there.  They start to see the value in my business and take the time to connect me with people in their networks to do business with, and my business begins to grow.

For me, 2017 is going to be the year of shifting perception.  I will be doing a series of challenges on Tuesdays to help others break out of the mindset that direct selling isn't a "real" job.  No matter what your company is, join me in claiming your place as the CEO of your business and power building the company of your dreams. The first challenge will be  January 3rd, 2017.

If you have no idea what a direct sales company is, but you're looking for a way to work from home, in your own hours, and make a great living, contact me at Sunshine@YourDamselDiva.com or go to my website StunGunCrew.com and let's talk about it!

Are you ready?

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