Monday, December 19, 2016

Motivation Mondays-get those last minute shoppers

The end of the year can be a really hard time for many businesses.  The Christmas rush slows down, and people start holding on to their money very tightly.  It can spell disaster if you’re not prepared for a decline in sales.  This is the time of year when last minute shoppers are your bread and butter.  How is a direct seller supposed to get in front of a last-minute shopper when they are probably just going to dash in the nearest store and pick out something that they know their gift receiver will probably not like?

Being creative in the final push for Christmas is going to set you apart from everyone else.  You know as well as I do that our last-minute shopper is on Facebook trying to figure out what to get their gift receivers right now, and think about what they see.

500 things that have been copied and pasted, 200 advertisements from every other business, pictures of kids, and funny videos.

People get on social media to be entertained.  It’s the great American time suck, and most of that entertainment comes in the form of videos.  I’m not talking about just sitting in front of your camera and babbling on Facebook live for twenty minutes, I’m talking about hilarious entertaining videos or live feeds.

How do you get this shopper’s attention?  Be silly and think Christmas.  Decorate yourself like a Christmas tree and sing a song about how amazing they are and how much you want to help them purchase your product.  Create an online character, click that Go Live button, and have some fun. 
Here are some tips to making great Facebook videos:

  •         Keep them under 2 minutes.  Social media has created a civilization of people with finger
    swiping ADHD. 
  •        Plan out what you’re going to say and do before you start.
  •         Make sure it’s relevant to what your viewers are looking for.  Don’t dress like a vampire the week before Christmas and try to sell Halloween, unless you’re selling blinky green and red vampire teeth.
  •         Find blinky red and green vampire teeth and send them to me, because I need that in my life.
  •         Don’t live feed everyone to death.  One good live feed per day is great.  Contact some of your biggest cheerleaders and ask them if they will share it on their pages and give you a plug, but contact them in person.
  •         Don’t spam.  Facebook jail is a real thing.  Don’t go there.  I hear the food is terrible and there aren’t any mojitos. 
  •         Most important, be clear and concise in what you’re trying to communicate and HAVE FUN!

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