Sunday, November 17, 2013

Things you need to know about stun guns

Damsel in Defense stun gun line
Buyer beware!  You can pick up a stun gun almost anywhere now, and since our launch, cheap knockoffs are coming out of the woodwork.

Things to think about:
1. You need a stun gun with at least 1 million volts.  Period.  Under 4 million volts, you really need to be aiming for skin, because it won't go through multiple layers, and for those of us who live in the beautiful Northwest know that most of the year we are wearing layers.

2. If your stun gun is over 6 million volts, it really needs to have a safety pin.  That high of voltage can render you unconscious and you don't want the bad guys to be able to take it from you and use it on you.  If your stun gun is 6 million volts or higher, you are in danger of being dragged away.

3.  You can absolutely find stun guns cheaper than ours that claim to have more voltage, but tests are showing that they are inconsistent and may give you a false sense of security, which is WHY there isn't any education that comes along with them.  One stun gun owner that I spoke with at a gun show owns a ten million volt stun gun and said that when tested, it only consistently emitted 5 million volts, and never once reached ten, and also didn't have enough amps to keep the electricity in the muscle for very long.      KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING!!!  CHEAPER DOESN'T MEAN BETTER!!!

Let's talk about amps for a second.  Think of them as the delivery truck that drives the electricity into the muscle group under attack.  The bigger the truck, the better it can drive it in and stay there.  1 amp is fatal to humans.  When we're dealing in stun guns, we're dealing in milliapms, which is why there is a need for higher votlage.  If you have a quarter ton truck and a 1 ton truck trying to pull a ten thousand pound object up a steep hill, which one is going to do a better job?  If your stun gun doesn't have enough amps to make it up the hill, it's not going to be effective, even if it claims to have twenty million volts.

4. Many stun gun sellers hold the chargers and carry cases hostage and make you pay extra for them making your cheaper stun gun actually cost more in the long run.  Ours all come with a charger and a carry case.

The moral of this story is know before you buy.  Know what you're buying, who the company is your buying from, and demand education.  You need to know not only how to use it, but how to care for it, what it can do, and how to stay safe with it, which is why I come into women's living rooms and give them the education they so desperately need to stay alive in an attack situation.

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