Monday, January 6, 2014

Why sell self defense when everyone wants $200 handbags?

Some people wonder why I do what I do.  Why do I walk around baffled that everyone is happy to spend $200 on a handbag but turn down their nose at a $50 stun gun.  "I don't need it" they say, "I'm fine without it."  "Nothing will happen to me,", "I'm capable of fighting for myself."

I met a man this weekend who teaches dirty self defense.  Not fancy "1-2-3 hi-ya" self defense, but kidnapper-jump-out-of-the-bushes-pull-you-to-the-ground-and-tear-your-clothes-off self defense, and he drops women who have their black belt in less than a minute.  How?  He uses the same tactics as an attacker.  He knows exactly how you're going to react, how to counter your fight, and the element of surprise.  He's ready, has a plan, and knows exactly how to subdue a woman, no matter how strong, no matter how well trained with her hands....unless she has a stun gun in her hand.

Then I watched this video, and it just hit me.  Word after word, slamming into my heart with thunderous meaning.  There are so many slaves because we are slaves to believing that we can get ourselves out of any situation. 

Every day, the meaning of why I do what I do gets deeper, and deeper, and deeper, because of the constant reminder that somewhere tonight, there is a mother that won't make it home.  A sister that someone will never see again.  A daughter who has to endure the horrors of the sex trade. 

Do not watch this video if you want to stay oblivious to what's going on.  Do not watch this video if you want to remain unaware. 

With all of the above off my chest, the other question I get all the time is, "How can you talk about this stuff all the time and not be depressed?"

Because I know that hundreds of women so far are safer because of me alone, and that number grows and grows every day with my team and the women we reach.  I know that for the first time EVER, we have a chance to lower the statistics of violence against women, and that I get to be part of the very core of that group.  That fills me with such joy, such meaning, and such purpose. Instead of trying to pull ahead and be in it only for the money, we are pulling organizations such as RAINN (Rape and Incest National Network) and Wiper Every Tear together and tethering to them so that everything we do can assist them in everything they do.  God gave us this opportunity, and we refuse to squander it with selfishness.

Many of you know from my Damsel in Defense facebook page that I have been working deeply inside the core of why I am so in love with this company, how much of an impact it has made on my life, my family, and my little slice of the world, and aligning it with appropriate goals that will help me realize my full potential.  It feels like before, I was a mine field of millions of teeny tiny little fragments orbiting God.  Broken, shattered, colliding, insignificant fragments of pain, shame, fear, and facades.  The more I work this business, the more I learn about myself.  The more I focus on this opportunity that God provided me, the more I see that I'm not a mine field made up of jagged dangerous fragments of the abuse I used to use to define myself.  I'm a field of precision parts being pulled together by the gravity of Damsel in Defense.  I am no longer scattered around the universe with only God to hold me together, but parts of a Veyron 8.0-litre, quad-turbocharged, W16 cylinder engine fed by four turbochargers that God has been restoring and rebuilding so that when I am whole, I will be a Bugatti Veyron fueled by Him, and when that happens, there is nothing we can't accomplish.

Are you ready to join my 1200 horsepower team?  The start line is at  What are you waiting for?

Watch this beautifully created video  by the incredibly talented Megan Depaso and join in the fight against sex trafficking by understanding the brutal reality behind what is really going on.

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