Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday-woman uses stun gun to stop attack

Wonder Woman Wednesday is reserved especially for women who have shown strength, courage, and didn't walk away from situations where most people would run, freeze, or not fight back. 

Today, we want to recognize Lisa Haecherl of Salem, Oregon. 

After a long day at work in February, 2014 at the Salem Center, Lisa headed to her car and had a strange feeling that she was being followed.  Suddenly, a man approached her and exposed himself.  This is the same area where 14 women had recently been groped, so Lisa was on high alert that a serial groper was on the loose. 

Without hesitation, Lisa set off her stun gun, and the man took off. 

You see, Lisa is one of the thousands of women who has realized that our safety is our responsibility, and not having something to protect yourself leaves you open for a successful attack.  It can be anyone, anywhere, any time, and she knew the importance of having a self-defense device, and because of that, the man couldn't carry his plan to fruition.

Most people don’t think about the progression of attackers.  They don’t wake up one day and go, “Wow, it’s Tuesday.  I’m totally going to rape somebody today.”  No.  They start with small things.  Instead, they begin with groping, flashing, cutting women’s hair on the bus, taking upskirt pictures, and other small things.  These are their practice behaviors, and soon enough the high they get from doing whatever they are doing to practice won’t be good enough, and they will move on.  By then, they have chosen the type of woman they like to attack, they have practiced and studied the reactions they get from these behaviors, and they progress their skills. 

If you were going to run a marathon, you would change everything you do, from your diet to your workout and gear.  Attackers do the same thing, and by the time they actually carry out a full on attack, they have strengthened the muscles it will take to subdue you, they have chosen their location B to take you to, they have a backup plan and that plan has a backup plan, and they have plenty of practice in the field. 
Unfortunately, the man who exposed himself to Lisa got away, but Lisa, who didn't hesitate to protect herself, is safe, and hopefully the flasher is early enough in his progression that he realized more and more women are carrying safety devices and will stop his behavior before it gets out of control.  

Lisa took a stand, and because of her situation, she is empowering other women in her circle to learn how to stay safer, and even though her stun gun isn't from Damsel in Defense, the point is that she has something to ward off attackers so she can stay safe.

Lisa is a Wonder Woman.

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