Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday #likeagirl

As a mother of four daughters, I want nothing more for them than to be strong, fierce warriors who can do and achieve anything they put their minds to. As a survivor, I want so much more for them than I had for myself. I never want them to feel not good enough, be hurt, or be violated. Still, puberty comes and takes them down roads that I am not invited down, puts them in circles of other kids struggling with the same set of hormones who maybe weren't raised in the same light of love that shines over our home, and things happen. Words happen. Actions happen. Beliefs are formed, and self esteem is eaten away.

 This week's Wonder Woman Wednesday is a day late I thought because my internal calendar got all crossed, but I now really see that it's because I was supposed to honor Lauren Greenfield for being part of the Always #likeagirl social experiment. Her video expressed everything that we struggle with when raising not only daughters, but sons. We create an abusive culture thinking that we're being endearing, when in reality, we are just setting our daughters up for failure.

 Thank you Lauren Greenfield, for shining light on everything that is beautiful about being a girl. I will be spending some time focusing on what I can do to create positive change to send a ripple out into the world through myself and my children.

#wedohardthings to #buildstrongwomen so that they can look at their accomplishments and know they did it #likeagirl.


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