Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Awareness in motion

I watched a movie once about a call to action to help fight abuse.  It said to use your talent, no matter what it was.  If you're a writer, write something, if you make movies, make a movie, if you're a musician, write a song.  Whatever your talent is, use it to do something.

I would like to introduce a woman named Christine Watson.  I don't know her story, and I can't even tell you for sure if the story portrayed is her own or the story of someone in her life.  She doesn't give the story words, but she still tells it in a way that will send chills up your spine.

***WARNING*** this video may trigger emotions for survivors.

Please enjoy this week's Wonder Woman.  She used her talent to spread awareness through beautiful and fluid movement.

If you have a talent and you have used it to spread awareness for abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, or human trafficking, please email it to Sunshine@YourDamselDiva and you will be considered for our Wonder Woman Wednesday showcase.

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