Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Body Positivity

There are some women in this world who seem to have it all.  Money, fame, sex appeal, a thin body, perfect hair…you name it, whatever you see as perfect may be out there, but it’s just an illusion.  On the other hand, there are some women out there who struggle at every turn. 

One of those women is an overweight actress who has made her way into a long line of blockbuster movies with her Chris Farley-esqe antics.  No matter how good of a human she may be on the inside, she is met with resistance at every turn.  Critics call her fat, even ‘tractor sized’, and scoff at how unattractive she is.  Boy, what that must do to a person’s heart.  Even still, the once fit and thin woman who some would say lost track of her looks wants to take a stand against body shaming critics, and to do that, she’s creating a line of clothing that will have all sizes of women feeling good in their own skin.  She said she wants to empower women no matter what the number on their clothing tag is.

Because of her body positivity campaign, cries of ‘hippo’ and ‘fat’ were drowned out by the cheers of women everywhere who dream of a world where no one cares what you look like on the outside.  A beautiful ocean of body positive women lifted this actress up and carried her message through the world.

That was…until they all turned on her.

After her last movie, she hit the red carpet and estimated 50 pounds lighter, and immediately the body positivity gurus hit the blogsphere about the day that their favorite body positive fat actress sold them out.  Sold them out.  As if she sat in a back room tapping her fingers together and laughing diabolically as she marched forward on her….treadmill.

So, not only is she the girl with a fat critic problem, she’s a girl…with…a…fat…critic…problem as her chubby adorers turned on her like the nice old lady with the candy house who suddenly pushes you into an oven.  No matter where she turns, she’s met with resistance.  Suddenly every tabloid in the universe is asking her the age old question, “What’s your secret?”

Oh my GOSH people!  Can’t you leave a girl alone?

Graciously, she answers, “I just quit stressing out.”  Really, one day, she just decided to let it all go and 50ish pounds went away with it.  Still, no matter what size and shape she’s in, who hates her for being overweight, or who hates her for losing it, she is moving forward with her clothing line because she is tired of plus sized women having fewer options than their fashion forward smaller counterparts.  In an interview, she talked about the negativity an overweight actress goes through in Hollywood, from the critics to not being able to find a designer that will dress you for the red carpet for your Oscar nominated role…yes, I said Oscar nominated role.  Every designer is dying to dress Angelina, but not the chubby girl.  Finally, she purchased a dress by a designer that you would be able to find at Saks or Bloomingdales, while most actresses were flitting around in dresses they don’t get to keep that would cost your first born to own. 

She was so frustrated that there were not any amazing plus sized fashions and said, “You either look like a 90-year-old, or a 14-year-old hooker.”

Because of her uphill battle, her dedication to body positivity and never giving up even though someone’s face is always against her, Melissa McCarthy is this week’s Wonder Woman.  You don’t have to be battered and beaten by somebody’s hands to be a survivor.  McCarthy is a strong leader and a beautiful woman, both on the inside and outside. 

This body positive Damsel empowerment blogger can't wait to wear something from Melissa's line.  

If you are fighting with being overweight, underweight, or any other over/under, you’re not alone.  There are millions fighting right alongside you.  Don't let body negativity sink you into depression.  

If you're not, help spread the message of body positivity.  Support organizations that help lift women up rather than holding them back.  Most of all, never, ever judge a person by their size, color of their skin, or other features.  You are beautiful, no matter what size you are.  

#EndFatShaming #LoveAllHumans #PushBackTheDarkness #ShineTheLight #MelissaMcCarthyIsRad #AllPeopleMatter #AlwaysKeepFighting 


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