Friday, May 20, 2016

Poisonous snakes and pit bulls....oh my!!!

Last night, I had a dream that these people were picking up snakes and putting them on a flatbed trailer. I freaked out, but they told me the only ones that were poisonous were the blue ones, as I watched a blue one fall off the trailer and slither right over to my leg where it jumped up and bit me RIGHT in the calf.

The owner of the snakes said, "It's fine. If you get bit, you just get a pit bull to latch on because their saliva neutralizes the poison, and they can't let go, so you'll get enough saliva to stop it."

So I run around trying to make pit bulls mad enough to bite me in the calf as I feel myself starting to croak, which is terrifying by the way.
 Most of them wanted to bite me in the face, but I could jump so high that I would land really far away from them. That is one of my favorite perks of being in a dream. I do it almost any time something scary almost kills me. 
Finally, I find one that latches on....and it hurts like a sonofagun!!!!!!

THEN I wake up with the WORST cramp in my calf ever.

So the moral of this story is that my brain goes to elaborate lengths to create a story around anything that is happening....The life of a writer.

Disclaimer-I am not a pit bull hater, I believe they are wonderful dogs, I just think my brain was on hypercreativespaz.



The Stun Gun Girl

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