Thursday, June 23, 2016

My cup runneth over

These are my monkeys.
This evening was amazingly productive.  I got some Damsel work done, did some curriculum building for a class I'm putting together, listened to the rain pour (one of my very favorite things), and had a date with my youngest.

Then came my 3 non-negotiables.  We read from the Bible, we read from a devotional, and we pray together.  I love those moments of true connectivity.  It gives us the opportunity to really get deeper than normal.

Mr. Shenanigans himself.
After my non-negotiable time with the girls comes my husband's tuck in time, which usually fills the house with giggles and shenanigans.  Tonight, I sat down to write something about taking care of your business quickly before I climbed into bed, but as my husband and the girls ran around the house filling it with laughter and complete silliness, I decided to ditch the business post.

There are moments that fill your cup so much that it runs over.  When your cup is filled with love, that is what pours out, spilling all around you.  In a world where people fight over everything, I want to always remember that I am dancing in a love spill, not a hate spill.

I imagine a hate or anger spill would be thick, stinky, and hard to dance in.

What filled your cup today?  What spilled out of it?  What are you dancing in?


Okay, okay, I'm Mr.s Shenanigans
My cup runneth over
and what spilled to the ground
were heartbeats and rainbows
and glitter abound.

We danced and we danced
until our feet ached
then we danced some more
because those moments you take

And fill up your cup
with prayer and love
because these are the moments
our lives are made of.



The Stun Gun Girl

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