Friday, June 24, 2016

Too many babies die in hot cars

Hey everyone! It's summer, we've had very high temps already and we are starting to see the "baby left in a hot car" stories filling our nightly news and our Facebook feed. So, here is my plea..... PLEASE!!!!

Carry a window breaker in your car! Not only could it save YOUR life, but if you see a child, elderly person or animal in a hot car, you could save THEIR life!! Car windows do not break easily...They are made with tempered glass that is very difficult to break. I don't care if you buy one from me or somewhere else, but please carry one! You never know when you might need it to save a life!!!!

I have a couple you can choose from.  There is the Road Trip Auto Tool, which belongs in every single car!  It includes:

  • Strike-free punch glass breaker
  • Powerful 3-function LED flashlight
  • LED emergency beacon
  • Seat-belt cutter
  • Alarm

The other option is the Hard Little Hand, a striking tool that comes with a glove so you can wear it while you're jogging or working and not have to think about hanging on to it.  The diamond point tip will break tempered automobile glass.

Never be helpless!

Whichever one you choose can be purchased at

Live FANTASTICALLY and FREE of danger! 


The Stun Gun Girl

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