Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to share your business with other business owners

There’s something that a lot of people in network marketing are having trouble overcoming, and that’s business loyalty.

This definitely goes for Damsel in Defense Independent Pros, but isn't limited specifically to any one network marketing company. 

What I mean by that is when someone embarks on a new business and they are full of vigor and excitement, they expect everyone in their circle to be filled with vigor and excitement as well, especially from the people in their circle.

Friends and family are quick to give support, booking parties and ordering products, and that is great, but unless you can branch out beyond your immediate circle your great new exciting business dies somewhere in the outer reaches of your bff’s.

Next, we branch out into our pool of business acquaintances only to be shot down, ignored,put on hold, or just plain told ‘no’.  This area is a network marketing graveyard unless you can find a way to maneuver through. 

Feelings get hurt when you have a great relationship with the person who owns the local dog grooming shop that you frequent, or the local nail salon, or the local –enter business here- where you spend your hard earned money faithfully every single month, send friends and strangers every chance you get, and in return, they won’t give you one evening out of their lives to book a party.  ‘Well then, maybe I’m in the wrong business’ most people think, feeling worthless, like they’re spinning wheels and not gripping the ground.  Wrong.  That’s the road to failure and working harder for less return.

One thing we have to remember about business owners is that they are busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  Super, unbelievably busy with books, meetings, scheduling, talking to vendors, working, ordering, and a million other things that go into running a business, then they go home, do the books, pay the light bill, and drag themselves to bed and do it all over again.   When they see a network marketer coming, they see important family time slipping away.  They literally feel like they do not have any time.

The first thing you need to do is breathe, and remember that they are humans too.  After you accomplish this, do a lot of little things.  Drop off a thank you card with your card in it.  Send them a letter on your letter head.  Give them a brochure, but don’t expect anything.  Get them familiar with what you’re doing by talking about it in passing, but also ask about how they are doing, and listen.  Nurture the relationship and help them to realize that you are not going to knock down their doors every second of the day and steal their time like a greedy vampire.  Let them mull around the idea of your products for a week or four.

After that, act like every other person trying to get in front of them and make an appointment.  Be early, and keep it short.  Show your brochure, a couple of your products, tell them why you feel like it’s important for them to see your presentation, and schedule your party. 

Remind them during the meeting that you have been a faithful customer.  They have earned your business.  You send everyone you know to them.  They’ll recognize the business you've brought to them.   All you’re asking is for them to give you a chance to do the same.

If the answer is still no, don’t let yourself be hurt.  Part ways friends and don’t ever burn your bridges,   You never know when they will call you a year down the road and ask if you’re still doing your business or refer someone to you.  They won’t if you end your business relationship badly or you have a negative attitude about them for turning you down.

Also keep this in mind when other network marketers approach you.  Just because your family may be partied out with the launch of your business doesn't mean you can't do subtle book or facebook parties, or even purchase inexpensive items from them to add to raffle baskets and hostess gifts.  Just as we wanted to be lifted up, others need us to lift them.  In no way does this mean go broke and buy from everyone, but at least hear your fellow home party entrepreneurs out.

If you keep this in mind when you’re building your business, you’ll find the road through the network marketing graveyard.  Let the fallen that surround you be a reminder never to quit, and that every no leads to a yes.

Chins up, and stay safe out there!

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