Thursday, October 2, 2014

Success through goals and accountability

Think of your business as driving at night into fog so thick you can only see 6 inches through it.  You have no idea what is around every twist and bend, but one thing is for sure, if you just floor it without a plan, you're sure to drive your business right off a cliff.

Goals can seem scary, but in reality, they are just giving you accountability for the job you're doing.  If you're driving into that foggy night, you aren't going to have a firm plan for what is going to happen two miles down the road.  It might get worse, the fog might lift, or it may stay the same.  You can have an ideal goal for two miles down the road, that you want to make it safely, but until you get there, focusing on a bigger goal than taking the road a foot at a time isn't the best plan.  Instead, set your goals smaller, within the space you're in.  

You know how much you want to see yourself do in the back of your mind.  Fear of commitment to something that might fail holds people back.  

If you want to sell $1000 this month, what does that look like?  If your average presentation brings you $200 in sales, that's 5 presentations you have to put on the books this month.  If on average you get 2 bookings from every 10 calls, and you need to book 5 presentations, you need to be making about 30 calls.  Well that sounds alright, but then you have to focus the goals a little more.  How much time does it take you to make ten calls.  Does it take you 30 minutes?  If so, you have to set aside an hour and a half to make those calls.  There's another goal.  Go to your planner and find the time and put it ink.  An action plan is no good if you don't actually take action.

Jim Rohn once said, "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Discipline.  Yes, to some that word is a curse word.  It means you have to do something.  You are forcing yourself to do something.

Dave Ramsey took it a step further and said, "Children do what feels good. Adults make a plan and follow it."

Without goals, you don't have a plan.  Without a plan, you don't have a business.  

Look to your mentors to help you with achievable goal setting and ask them to be your accountability partner.  Their success depends on your success, so it's in their best interest to help you become a professional goal setter.

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