Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Secondary survivors

Wonder Woman Wednesday has been, up until today, used to feature strong women who have survived really, really hard things and used those things to help spread awareness of violence against women.  All of the Wonder Women of the past who have healed enough to finally tell their stories didn't wake up one day and go, “Hmm.. it’s Tuesday, I think I’m going to pour out my life today.” 

The progression to tell your story is usually as slow as honey in a blizzard.  It starts with one thought or motion, which grows into several thoughts and motions.  None of us can tell our story without the people who support us, hold our hand along the way, hand us tissues, and basically allow us to be blubbering snot factories and not treating us like we have Ebola.

All of us who have found the courage to stand up and tell our stories did not do so without being held up by an indestructible foundation made up of people who love us.  Those people aren't just unaffected super strong little versions of He-Man and She-Ra.  They have been hurt.  They have been affected.  They have held us, cried with us, prayed for us, been hurt by us, had to relearn how to act around us, and had to make their own decision, asking themselves if it is healthy for them to be the people we need them to be.

Being a secondary survivor is not an easy thing.  They may not have survived the actual moments of our lives, but they have had to survive us surviving the memory of those moments, which can be very traumatizing.

They are not all women, many of them are men who have made the choice to learn how to support us and be an advocate for our platform of awareness. 

The video I am sharing with you today is one secondary survivor, and he is a man.  If you are a survivor, you have to recognize the secondary survivors in your life and know that you could not be a Wonder Woman without them.

Kevin, I hope you are honored to be the first man to receive the Wonder Woman Wednesday feature.  All of the women you have helped become stronger, and all of the men you have educated make you a very valuable and important asset to everything we do to spread awareness.

Thank you for your dedication.

If you or someone you know has a story of survival, please email

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