Thursday, February 26, 2015

Join the End It campaign to help end human slavery

Join the End It campaign on Friday, February 26th 2015 and help spread awareness on human slavery.  Thousands and thousands of people are enslaved today, and most people believe that it's something that happens only in far off lands, but it's happening right here on American soil.  The land of the free is being inundated with human slavery of all types, and it's up to us to END IT.

As a show of solidarity, grab a red sharpie and draw an X on your hand and join the fight.  You can spread awareness, create a ripple, and give to the cause.

Damsel in Defense proudly stands in unity in the fight against human slavery of all types.  No one should have to be enslaved by another for any reason.

What will you do tomorrow?  Will you ignore it?  Or will you join the


Share your photos on social media with your red X and hashtage #enditmovement

Alone, we may be able to save a handful of people, but together, we can save thousands.  

For more information on the End It campaign, contact

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