Monday, February 2, 2015

Motivational Mondays-the first Monday of the month challenge

Today is a new day.  A new Monday.  Not only is today a new Monday providing you a clean slate for the week, it’s the first Monday of a new month.  No matter what happened in the month before, today starts it all over.

What does that mean?

New month, new promotions, new leads, and a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with ideas.
Today is a perfect day to start a new training, implement a new process, and pick up that dreaded phone and start calling your leads.

Was last month a rock star month?  Great!  You have a record to beat!

Was last month a dismal failure leaving you feeling worthless and incompetent?  Even better, you have the opportunity to crumple that month up and toss it in the garbage. 
The word of the day is PROCRASTINATION.

We've all done it, we've all battled with it, and we've all lost to whatever show we were plowing through on Netflix.  We've all drifted off to sleep with a million great ideas that we’ll start working on TOMORROW.

Not this time.  Here’s your Monday challenge this week:

Sit down and list the top three things that distracted you from success last month.  If you feel you had a successful month, list three things that you still feel you could have done better.

Those are the three things you’re going to work on today.  For each of those three things, list three ways to overcome them. 

Is one of your items television? I’m not asking you never to watch it again, I’m asking you to think about setting up a reward system.  Something like, I get three minutes of television for every call I make.  Is my show an hour long?  How many calls do I have to make that day?

Is one of your challenges not calling leads?  Set up a reward system for calling them.  Maybe you will reward yourself a pedicure if you can call ten leads every day this week.

Your biggest defeats will come from yourself, so it’s time to train yourself to work on those weaknesses by rewarding yourself when they are complete. 

What’s holding you back today from being Captain Amazing?

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