Wednesday, March 4, 2015

There are things I wish everyone knew about love.

Today, I was listening to a training call, checking my email, writing, and all of the things that a woman with ADHD does in one moment, and I was stopped in my tracks.

That doesn't happen very often.

There are some things I wish that all humans could learn about love.  I know that is a lot to ask,  but imagine the world if everyone loved deeply.

This is how I live, it's the example I want to be for my children, and it's how I want them to grow up living.  As the tears welled from my eyes while this video played, I knew I had to share that moment with all of you.

I know too many people who are so stuck in their own beliefs that they would rather remove themselves from their loved ones than learn to love past themselves.  I know too many people who believe they are so right, whether it's in their faith, their life journey, or their political party who would rather snub everyone who doesn't agree exactly with them, judge them, and cut them out of their lives than learn to understand.

Today, remove one of your hatreds.

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