Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wonder Woman Wednesday-The Thursday edition

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27-year- old mother-of-two, Brooke Beaton, was just a girl who worked at Chevys Fresh Mex and planned to start taking classes on at the University Center when she found herself driving her car with her boyfriend - who has not been named - in the passenger seat.

After he became angry, he punched her in the face, struck her again, choked her and tried to take away her phone, she said.

'I ended up at a gas station about five miles away from where we were,' Beaton told the Argus Leader. 'He was wiping up the crime scene with a paper towel from the gas pump.'

Beaton said her blood was spattered on the ground and all over her cell phone.

Her attacker eventually let her take him to his home and she drove away to her own house.
Once she arrived home she called the police and a sheriff's deputy. The next day she called her good friend Tiffany Thoelke, a freelance photographer, and planned a photo shoot.

Beaton, who had modeled before decided that her assault would be the perfect platform to raise awareness of domestic violence and how suddenly it can happen. 

Her boyfriend, who she had been dating for 4 months but had been friends with for 8 years was arrested for domestic aggravated assault and interference with emergency communication because he stopped her from calling for help. 

Since Brooke posted the photos on her social media, the outpouring of support and stories of other survivors have poured in.

Her cool head got her out of a terrible situation, and her bravery allowed her to pick up the phone.  Her extraordinary courage brought her in front of a camera unafraid to show the damage that had been done so that people would notice domestic violence happens everywhere and can happen to anyone.  Because of her strength, Brooke Beaton is this week’s Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Women....may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.


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