Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Grow a business with integrity

I was talking with a friend about the amazing boot camp the Damsel in Defense has been offering the last 5 weeks, and I mentioned that I'm sure we're coming up on the week we have to recruit someone or be out.  He said, "why don't you just pay for someone's kit and sell the products?"

No way! I am growing an honest business with integrity and character I can be proud of. I could never feel like a real Damsel if I bought my way through! I would never let this business grow through false pretenses. Every rank I earn, every commission I make, and every product I sell will be with the same integrity our Co-founders set fourth when they formed this company. You can't be proud of what you've grown if it's dishonest and greedy.

If character is who you are when no one is watching, then my character wouldn't allow such business practices. I have already faced adversity set in motion by others who made choices to grow their businesses with those kinds of ethics. I've had more than my share of people demanding I reimburse them for Damsel products someone else sold them at nearly double the retail sales price.  I have faced clients who don't want to talk to a Damsel because of how they were treated by another Damsel. I will not do anything to send those kinds of ripples into the world.

I am proud of what I have built, and my team is made up of genuine humans who honestly wanted to invest in a business for themselves, and that is how they will grow their own teams.  I teach them to grow through the same values and integrity.
I can't wait for the next boot camp challenge, and I will take it on with integrity whether I move on or not, and I will be cheering my team on the whole way.

If you're ready to grow an honest business, let's talk. You can find more information at yourdamseldiva.com

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