Sunday, March 20, 2016

You can't save them all

Today at the gun show in Portland a husband wanted to buy a Sock It To Me for his wife. She held out her finger and said, I don't need that, I have this."

It led me on a journey of nerdism. According to rough numbers, I have determined that it would only take a 30 pound kid stomping on your finger. There are also several joints in your finger that are easily torked, and all of the nerves running through there make your fingers a dangerous you.

One of the first self defense holds I ever learned was using the other person's finger to take away their leverage. 

Then there is the issue of DNA. in order to use your finger as a Sock It To Me,  you're going to have a significant amount of DNA come in contact with you. Most people have a hang nail or two, which leaves you susceptible to blood borne which she answered, "I work with blood all day, I'm not afraid of it."...

To which I replied, Do you wear gloves when you're working with blood?"

Her response was yes.

I asked, "Are you wearing gloves right now?"

Her response was no.

So I asked, "If you work with blood, you know how dangerous it can be because you've taken a blood borne pathogen class, right?"

She's said yes.

So I asked, "Do you have specialized tools at work to do your job?"

She's said yes.

I ended with, "Doesn't it make sense then that you would be better off using a specialized tool in the event someone attacked you to save you from bodily injury or deadly infection? "

She's said yes.

I said, "Wouldn't it be amazing for a specialized tool like that to only cost ten dollars?"

She's said yes.

I said, "This Sock It To Me is only ten dollars, and it would make surviving an attack much easier, wouldn't it?"

She's said yes.

I asked her what color she wanted.  She said, "I don't need that, I have this" and showed me her finger, then walked away leaving both her husband and I staring at each other with our jaws on the floor.

You can't save them all, but you hope something sticks.

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The Stun Gun Girl

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