Monday, July 17, 2017

You're never going to believe this weight loss miracle

Wow.....what a year, is all I can say.  A lot of it was really, really bad, and a lot of it was so amazing that I can't stop smiling.  The people in my life right now, the blessings that they have been, the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and the work I have been doing have a way of cancelling out every bad day.  Most days I am so happy that I feel like I might explode into a million butterflies and glitter.

Still, they haven't come without a cost.

Last year, my body started wigging out.  When I say wigging out, I mean, I was pretty sure I was going to die.  After about a million tests and specialists, there it was.  The big "C".  I had cancer.  There is nothing like facing the possible end of your life to make you rethink everything.  After going through a terrifying process that lead up to surgery and a healing process with every complication you can think of, I made it to the other side cancer free.

Listen to your body.  Don't miss any of the tests you're supposed to get done.  Learn about the signs and symptoms of cancer.  Act right away when something isn't right, even if you feel like you might be overreacting.  Only you know your body's baseline.

I'm also going through a divorce, which complicates life even more.

Part of reclaiming myself was also a long look at my health.  Like, a loooooong look.  I didn't buy into a special me that's silly.  High fat, low carb, no this, no that....I am not that girl.  At the end of the day, I want to be able to eat what I want without sacrificing...well, what I want.  I didn't buy into a weight loss product, or workout program, or all of the things people are always pitching that are supposed to work miracles.

That's expensive, and not what I'm into.

No.  Guys, it's really not that complicated, yet when people ask me how I'm doing it and I answer them, I end up with confused big anime eyed blinking stares.  It's like suddenly I started speaking a dead language that no one understands and they are frozen in time just waiting me to start speaking english again.

I started listening to my body and moving more.  That's it.  Weight loss is an easy equation.  Every calorie you put in has to be burned and then some.  That means moving your body.

Don't get me wrong, I don't count calories, I'm just aware of averages.  I have ADHD, and on the days I tried to remember to count calories, 25 things distracted me from actually doing it.

I also did not go on some crazy mission to the gym every day (believe it or not, I don't have a gym membership), but I started filling my time with movement.  While everyone is leaning on the counter talking about their day, I was doing squat sets, calf raises, or tossing a medicine ball in the air and catching it.  Nothing too crazy to start with, just some.  Matter of fact, I started by doing sets of 25.  I started walking.  I started dancing.  The more I moved my body, the more it wanted to move.  I do 7 mile hikes now and got my squats up to 6 sets of 100, and I feel stronger than I ever have.

If I want
a beer, I have
a beer
I also started listening to what it wanted and making choices based on that.  Hey, if I want a cheeseburger, I eat a cheeseburger.  If I want a beer, I have a beer.  The question is, does my body want a cheeseburger?  Most of the time it doesn't.  Over time, my taste actually changed.  I used to chug a blended sugar filled coffee every single day.  Now, the thought of one makes me want to barf, and the last time I had one, I got about four drinks in before I nearly did just that.  I don't really want sugar filled crazy garbage anymore.  I have become more in tune with what my body wants, and most of the time it wants street tacos, and guess what?  I have them.  Yesterday I went to the Portland Highland Games and had a banger (crazy hot dog thing with mushrooms and onions) and fries and beer.  Do I feel sad about it?  Heck no!!

So, let's break it down again.  Move less, eat better.  Know what?  When you eat better, you get to eat more.  I'm not kidding you.  If I eat a light breakfast and a salad for lunch, I can have a big bowl of pasta with cheese on it for dinner and not be sad and mad.

On the left, me 4 months ago.  On
the right, me now,
Where am I in this process?  I started this journey 6 months ago (after the healing process from my surgery allowed) and I'm down 51.5 lbs.  I have been dreading showing these photos to the world, because I was always the person who never let my size be clear in my photos, but I know it has to be done.

Let's recap: Cancer free, more than 50 lbs down in 6 months, and I don't feel like I've given up anything.  I have gotten a little more aggressive with body movement since, but that will happen once you start listening to your body.  I've also been incredibly blessed to have built an amazing support system filled with people I can't imagine my life without.

It's amazing what the universe provides if you just ask.  I'm not
On the left, me 5 months ago, on the right, me 2 days ago.
kidding, I literally asked the universe and it almost immediately answered.  You should try it.

Life hasn't been without its complications, and I am still always nervous when I have an oncology appointment ahead of me, but the blessings in my life right now are far too many to count.

Listen to your body.  Eat less, move more.  Know what you want and what you will and will not allow in your life, and make it happen.  Trust me, life is too short to be unhappy, unhealthy, and not strive for your best possible self.

Thanks for stopping by!  It means a lot to me!
XOXO-The Stun Gun Girl

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