Monday, November 17, 2014

5 things you can do to boost your business today

There's nothing like getting half way through the month and feeling like you aren't going to meet your goals.  It's easy to throw you hands in the air and just say, "Forget it!"


Here are 5 things you can do to boost your business right away:

  1. Pick up the phone.  You have leads, call them.  If you don't have leads, open the phone book and call some local small businesses, introduce yourself, and set up an appointment to meet with them about what you do.
  2. Send some mail to potential clients.  No matter what kind of business you have, there are potential clients out there.  Figure out who your demographic is.  Would it be great for a Realtor?  Is it small business owners?  Salon owners?  Send out 3 pieces of mail with an introduction letter as well as something hand written.  You can write off the postage, and all it takes is one new client to contact you to make it worth your time.
  3.  Call past customers- You never know who lost your information or who doesn't know you have new products available.  Give them a call and ask them how they like what they purchased from you.  Listen to them without talking over them while taking notes and trying to figure out what need they have that you can meet.
  4. Get out of the house. Head out to some businesses and introduce yourself in person.  Make sure you have business cards and samples of what you sell.  Try to set up an appointment when you can set up in their break room and take orders.  
  5. Start a blog.  Bloggers are more trusted than advertisers, and you can really show the world that you are an expert in your field.  Don't make every blog post about selling your product, include awareness pieces and industry pieces as well as human interest pieces.  It will take some time for you to gain a readership, but if you stick with it, the readers will come.  
Now, there's no reason for you to sit and stare at your Facebook wondering why your business struggles.  If you want more business, do something about it.  

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