Friday, November 14, 2014

Self proclaimed romance coach teaches rape tactics

#fightingback #pushbackthedarkness THIS Damsel is going
to shine a light on what you're doing
It's men like this that promote a rape culture, victim blaming, and teach men that it's okay to take what you want, no matter what the other person wants.

Teaching tactics like choking and sexually assaulting women is deplorable.

The men standing up to him threatening to rape anyone who stands against Julian Blanc are going to be in for a surprise as Damsel in Defense educates more and more women on not only how to stay safe, but how to fight back, and how to stand up against the evil in this world.

I am furious that this is even a thing!  Help me fight him!  Read all about this insane situation by reading the FOX news story here.  Warning, if you watch the video, it may bring up feelings for survivors of assault.

Let's ban together!  He may not consider putting his hands on someone without permission sexual assault, but what he's teaching is disgusting.

I hope that one of the women he tires to approach and put his hand around her neck is someone that has been equipped with self defense tools, education to use them effectively, and that has been empowered to stand up against anyone who feels like they can take what they want without permission.

No real man would use any of these tactics to get a date.  This is not dating, it's abuse, and once that girl enters into a relationship that begins with abuse, it can very easily escalate to domestic violence.  #shuthimdown

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