Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday-The making of a Wonder Woman

There is a clear difference between a victim and a survivor.  A victim is someone who has had something terrible and life changing happen to them, whether it’s sexual assault, identity theft, or an automobile accident.  A significant change has to happen in order for a victim to become a survivor.  First, they have to be able to work through whatever trauma caused them to be a victim in the first place.  Through that process, they have to face all of the uncomfortable feelings and situations that brought them to this place, but then they have to learn what forgiveness really means.

Forgiveness is not justification of the actions of another person who has wronged you.  Forgiveness is realizing that the situation is out of your control, and you’re passing the judgment on to God, or whatever higher power you choose to give it to.  You can never truly be free until you have reached this point.  It doesn't mean that you’ll never feel angry or frustrated about it again, it just means that you've put the person (or persons) down that you've been carrying around on your back for so long and deciding that you are worth being whole again, only responsible for holding up your own weight. 

Becoming a Wonder Woman is something even further than that.  It takes a special kind of bravery and maturity to become a Wonder Woman.  These are the women who have decided to use their experiences to shine light into the dark places in the world.  It doesn't mean we’re not scared, it just means that we know we have been given a charge, and we take that mission seriously, trusting that we will be taken care of.  It means that we know we have to do more than face what happened to us, we have to hit it head on and bend it to our will, because through doing so, we can save others and lead them to a better place.  It’s a responsibility, and once you head down the road of a Wonder Woman, there is no turning back.

This week, I would like to highlight a teen from my local region who not only became a victim of sex trafficking, but she was rescued, and instead of hiding in the shame of what happened to her, she has joined forces with Shared Hope International to spread awareness of how simple it is for a teenage girl to fall into the terrible siphon of sex trafficking.

Brianna was a normal teenage girl with a loving home and parents who gave her all they could offer in a middle class home.  Little did she know, there were men in her small town watching her and waiting for the perfect moment to start grooming her into a life of trafficking.   Brianna aspired to get out of her small town, like many small town girls do.  She needed money for college, and they were going to provide it to her.  All she had to do was dance a little bit, or so she thought.  Dance a little bit became much more, and she found herself trapped in a trafficking situation. 

Luckily for Brianna, someone noticed the signs and enlisted help of an officer with experience in sex trafficking who made contact with Shared Hope International and Brianna was rescued.  She still has nightmares and a long road of healing, but she has joined forces with Shared Hope International to share her story, fight for tougher laws, speak out against sex trafficking, and educate others on the subject. 

Her bravery and courage has made her an obvious choice for Wonder Woman Wednesday.  We love your heart and your strength, and we support you 100% in your mission to change the world.  You can learn more about Brianna’s story of hope as well as the stories of others at as well as give to their mission by volunteering, donating monetarily, or sharing their stories.  

 If you are ready to share your story and help us in #fightingback against abuse towards women, email

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