Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wonder Woman Wednesday-Wonder Woman in training

Saturday began like any other day.  We were all excited about our annual Halloween party to celebrate with our staff and clients of A Sunny Place Learning Center.  Every year, we strap on our skates and take over Skate World for an afternoon of costumes and shenanigans. 

Half way into the party, our ten-year-old daughter fell and we were sure she broke her wrist. 
Sure enough, a late night at the emergency room revealed not only that she broke it, but she really broke it.  They attempted to put her under to reset it, but the medication never took her all the way under, so the setting didn’t go as well as we would hope.

Through days of pain and misery, our girl always had a positive attitude, a smile, and a joke, even though we knew she was in a ton of pain.

Yesterday, we met with the surgeon to take a look at what was going on and form a plan.
She was in surgery this morning, and even though she was terrified and did not want to have to go under and have a pin put in her arm, but she again put on a brave face and in good form wowed the staff at the surgical center.

Watching her go through this has given me one very good reminder.

Wonder Woman Wednesday starts at home.  It begins with you.

As a mother of four amazing daughters, it’s very important to me that I instill in them a warrior attitude that isn’t to be confused with a, “suck it up buttercup” one.  I want them to have that delicate balance between putting on a brave face when they need to and still expressing their needs.  I want them to fight for what’s right, and stand up for people who are being hurt.  I want to fill them with passion and compassion.  When they wake up, I want them to look in the mirror and see the beauty of their creation instead of their flaws and misconceptions.

I want to raise Wonder Women. 

When they look back on their lives, I want them to see a long line of achievements and mistakes that they've learned from. 

This week has been a good test of where my ten-year-old is, and my heart is beaming with pride.  She’s put words to her struggles and numbers to her pain, asked for help when she needed it and asked to do it on her own when she felt strong enough.  She swallowed her fear because she knew it was necessary, and she eased the stresses of everyone around her with her smile and her positivity. 

Today, my choice for Wonder Woman Wednesday is my daughter.  I learn as much from her as she learns from me.

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