Friday, November 7, 2014

Let the holiday begin with Damsel in Defense's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale

I believe that every woman on your Christmas list should receive a stun gun for Christmas, but I'm equally passionate about every child having access to a personal alarm.  They are great for those times when you're at the store and they want to go to the bathroom by themselves, for when they walk to and from school, when you're camping and you want to make sure they have a loud noise in case they get lost, and a million other scenarios that having a personal alarm could save their life.

Damsel in Defense has released their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale early just because we want you to start thinking about doing something a little different this year.  Instead of supporting a big box store, please support local business owners and keep your money in your local economy.  Instead of giving lotions and potions, please consider giving a gift that could save a life.

You can purchase this excellent deal at, click on SHOP, and find the Black Friday Special on the left hand side!

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